I'm an 18 year old high school student, residing in Ocala, Florida. I have a Canon Rebel T3 and all these pictures are shot using manual. I do not use auto. My personal blog is slutherthroat.tumblr.com

Tonight Alive; The Orpheum, Tampa, Florida
March 29th, 2013

The Story So Far; Brewster’s Roc Bar, Jacksonville, Florida
April 1st, 2013


This is what Daytona looks like if you get there at 8 (;

People showing of their fancy film well here is a section of mine. Also, I can develop my own unlike some of you who just give it to walgreens or something. 

So I originally had a Rise Against pick but I traded this guy for his A Day To Remember one because he seemed upset he didn’t get the Rise Against one. Good deeds for me. 

Title Fight, St. Augustine April 27th 2012